Automation Solutions Inc. provides a wide variety of  robotic systems including applications such as palletizing, pick and place, press tending, welding, and many more. Whether you have the need for cycle time reduction, precision tolerance requirements or are simply looking to replace fixed automation equipment. Automation solutions inc can provide a robotic system that bests suits your need.


Automation Solutions is a full service systems integrator, offering a wide variety of solutions and services to a broad range of industries. We possess industry leading engineering and resources to enable delivery of manufacturing solutions that provide the highest productivity and payback for your application. Our familiarity and experience with Robots, Motion Controls, PLCs, distributed I/O, HMI interfaces, PC Based Controls, SCADA, Servo Motors, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and all types of machine designs allows us to best help you succeed.

Our engineers are able to provide the specification, design, assembly, commissioning, and continuing support of your next automation project.  Make Automation Solutions your solution.

Motion Control

You will find that we serve as the regional integrator and services resource for the finest servos and motion control solutions available. This means you will also receive the best available local and factory support on our wide range of servo-motion related products and services. ASI has proven experience providing motion control integration, ranging from simple single axis servo systems to complex high precision muti-axis systems. Whether you wish to develop a new servo motion platform, retrofit an existing servo motion control, upgrade the controls on a CNC machine, or simply service a faulty servo or spindle axis, Automation Solutions offers the best solution for you.

By involving ASI in your next motion control application, you can draw upon our product and engineering knowledge to help you select and implement the best possible solutions.


Controls Retrofit

Automation Solutions Inc. strives to provide the best value to our customers by providing the correct amount of industrial automation for the product. ASI has the understanding to know how much engineering is required to provide a full-bodied, manageable control system to provide the true amount of engineering for your answer. Whether your application is a minimal PLC/HMI control systems, a multi-axis motion control system,  or a full machine design/build, Automation Solutions has you covered. Contact us today to learn more.

Vision Systems

ASI has a team of qualified engineers to take your machinism from mass parts, adapt, guide, examine and accommodate into your special purpose machine. From the start ASI can offer a model and create solutions utilizing its ordinary products as the foundation of a system with the backing of associates in the automation industry.

Custom Machinery

At ASI we design and build custom machinery based on your necessities so you get the accurate machine to meet your exact needs. By working directly with our customers we learn your procedure and utilize our years of experience and expertise in the custom machinery field to build the most efficient, cost effective solutions to automate that process.

Service and Support

Automation Solutions Inc. is with you from concept to completion of project and our relationship does not end there. Our customer service department is here to help. ASI is here for technical support and project troubleshooting. ASI has a team of dedicated Engineers on staff to keep the project moving by providing top customer service and technical support on the phone or onsite.

Automation Solutions is headquartered near Birmingham, Alabama and we travel all over the Southeastern United States providing support and repair services to our valued customers. We have many years of hands-on machine troubleshooting experience, and our people are the best.


Our travel range extends to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky and Puerto Rico. Major metropolitan areas include Birmingham AL, Montgomery AL, Huntsville AL, Tuscaloosa AL, Anniston AL, Decatur AL, Mobile AL, Nashville TN, Jackson TN, Memphis TN, Chattanooga TN, Knoxville, TN, Kinsport TN, Jackson MS, Meridian MS, Gulf Port MS, Atlanta GA, Macon GA, Savannah GA, Columbus, GA, Pensacola FL, Eglin FL, Little Rock AR, New Orleans LA, Baton Rouge LA, and Columbia SC.

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