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After working for a few automation companies, both large and small, Brad Tompkins began operating ASI out of his basement in 2010. Initially, the company was focused on the software programming for the more difficult servo and motion control applications. Early in the history of ASI, growth was slow because Brad did not want to repeat the mistakes of companies that try to grow quickly and sacrifice quality of work for higher earnings. For the next 10 years, demand for ASI’s talent exceeded its ability grow fast enough to meet that demand.  Interesting applications found ASI from all over the United States and even some from overseas. Over time, customers were asking for more and more expansive solutions which included entire machines.

Being located in the Southeastern United States was nice because ASI was one of the few companies that were able to offer turnkey solutions in this geographical location. As a company, ASI has been fortunate to cultivate long-term relationships with companies from a variety of industries in the Southeast. Approximately 50% of ASI revenue is related to the automotive industry and the other 50% is related to general manufacturing.

Given the trust ASI was earning with their customers, ASI was soon providing a wide variety of products and services all over the country. While ASI considers itself a controls-based organization, they are capable of complete machine concept, design, build, and integration. ASI’s rapid growth has forced the company to move locations four times since 2010 in order to accommodate larger projects.



Services We Offer

Automation Controls

From simple retrofits to integrating automation throughout your process.


We can help you tackle your specific challenges while decreasing operator error and fatigue.

Vision Applications

Solutions designed to tackle bin picking, high speed picking, food processing, and material handling….

Palletizing Systems

 Industry leading engineers that thrive on creating custom solutions for your specific needs.

Automation Support/Service

Providing industry leading customer service and technical support on-site or by phone.

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