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Are you ready to incorporate robotics into your production line? Let the professionals at Automation Solutions help. We offer top-notch custom robotics services throughout Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas. Our staff of electrical and mechanical engineers can help you program and automate your robotics system to make tasks quicker and easier for your staff. We can also build a tailored automation solution to address the needs of your business.

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Make your operation more efficient

Automation Solutions will exceed your expectations with our custom manufacturing robotics services. These include:

  • End of arm tooling. Our electrical and mechanical engineers can design a solution to meet your needs when you can't find a robot gripping tool to help you.
  • Design. Our team works directly with our clients to learn about their procedures and expectations. We'll then incorporate this information into the design phase, to help reduce production time.
  • Work cell design. We put safety first when designing machinery for your business. Our engineers can help you with mechanical design, fabrication and assembly of your work cell.
  • Integration. Our team can manage every aspect of your project, from building your new machine to installing it. We can also provide on-site support to train your staff on the use of your new machinery.
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