Custom robotics services & custom manufacturing robotics

At Automation Solutions, our staff of mechanical and electrical engineers thrive on creating custom solutions for your specific needs. We will explore and research your manufacturing process to build a specifically tailored automation solution for your process.

  • CONSULTATION- ASI can provide engineering expertise to consult on your upcoming project. Utilizing our years of experience in the custom machinery field will lead to the most efficient and cost-effective solution to automate your process.
  • DESIGN- The ASI engineering team works directly with our customers to learn your procedure, expectations, and specifications. Integrating those into the design phase means decreasing time to production.
  • END OF ARM TOOLING- Our engineers can design a solution to meet your exact needs when you can not find a robot gripping tool off the shelf to perform your needed task. After evaluating your robotics platform, part handling conditions, tolerances, cycle time needs, and throughput requirements, the ASI team will design and build exactly what you need.
  • WORKCELL DESIGN- Safety is our top concern when designing machinery for your process. Our engineers collaborate with you to design the entire work cell from robot to safety guarding. From mechanical design, fabrication, and assembly you can trust that you will receive a technically proficient solution.
  • INTEGRATION- The ASI team will manage all aspects of your project. Once our design is finalized, we will build and install your new machine. To increase immediate productivity, ASI can provide on-site support to train your operators on proper usage of the new machinery. Well trained operators is the key to making the most of your new