Automation Support

Emergency automation support & automation equipment maintenance

Automation Solutions, Inc. has a team of dedicated Engineers on staff to provide industry leading customer service and technical support on-site or by phone.
ENGINEER FOR HIRE- ASI can provide engineering services to support your plant during busy periods or while your on staff engineers are on planned leave. Our engineers are also available to emergency service calls to reduce your downtime and lost revenue.
SMALL PROJECTS- An ASI engineer or technician can assist you with a small upgrade or issue that you need executed immediately but do not have the internal staff to support.
PROCESS CONTROLS- An ASI team member can troubleshoot and perform improvements to your industrial process, sensors, and controls extending the life of your equipment.
INTEGRATION- ASI is a full-service systems integrator. Our familiarity and experience with Robots, Motion Controls, PLCs, distributed I/O, HMI interfaces, PC Based Controls, SCADA, Servo Motors, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and all types of machine designs allows us to help your project succeed.
MACHINE UPGRADE- An ASI technician can evaluate your machine to identify ways improve its performance including machine modifications or upgrades, machine tune ups, and preventative maintenance.HARDWARE REPLACEMENT- ASI has technicians available to install hardware to keep your lines running and reduce down time.
DOWNTIME SUPPORT- Don't let your production lines be down for any longer than necessary. Our team is here to help!

Emergency Support

We offer expert automation support and service 24/7. Our team of engineers and technicians will work to get your lines back up and reduce down-time.

  • Trouble Shooting- We can trouble shoot PLCs, Robots, HMIs, Vision systems, sensors, and more to determine what is causing your issue and get it corrected quickly.
  • On-Site Help- When you have a line down or a machine not working properly, we can have an engineer on-site to begin solving your problem.
  • Production Emergencies- Downtime means lost revenue. Our team can get you back running quickly.
  • Hardware Replacement- We can assist you in getting the correct hardware to keep your lines running at their peak performance.
  • Unplanned Downtime Support- Accidents happen. Machines break. We can help.